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I am a voracious reader and I love to spend most of my time with books. I read anything that is written on a piece of paper and which carries some very interesting information. I usually read novels, comics, weekly magazines, daily newspapers and also e-books in the internet and even blogs and articles.

Amongst all reading novels is my favorite and there are few writers whose novel I never miss to buy such as Sidney Sheldon, Mario puzo, John grisham and Stephanie Meyer. And in that list of authors Stephanie Meyer is my favorite and I never miss to read her books.

One of my favorite books written by her is the ‘Twilight saga: Eclipse’. It was an amazing book and recently I came to know that a movie has been made based on the book. And I also came to know that it is available on DVD’s. Through online I ordered for the DVD of the Inspiration Entertainment – ‘twilight eclipse DVD’ using the website of the online DVD store as I felt having that DVD is a must for all twilight fans and the term ‘DVDs’ to be bought online can be checked out by browsing the link. Also I had a double delight as I received a free delivery for my online DVD order.


Why it is better to buy Movie DVDs than watching in theaters


Right from my childhood I had the habit of reading comics especially with stories which contained many animals as characters and also with these animals depicted in funny costumes. I enjoyed watching cartoons as I was able to see those characters come alive. The most fascinating thing for me was these characters were able to speak in cartoons. Later when animated movies and 3D pictures were made and released I really got very delighted to see them on screen in theaters.

Recently, I watched Shrek: Forever after which was a sequel to the previous series of Shrek movies. One good thing about sequels are it made the viewers live with the characters and made them feel the story last forever. And this had made fans like to keep watching them again and again and thus completely lose ourselves into that Shrek world. I wanted to own the DVD’s of all the shrek movies and as soon as I heard that shrek on DVD was available in the market, I immediately ordered for it through online using the link and I also got it dispatched the next working day. It was a great fun to watch this movie at home with those characters doing funny actions. By using the DVD I had the option to watch them repeatedly which is the reason why it is better to buy Movie DVDs than watching in theaters.


Online Movie DVD store – To cater your Movie collection needs


I was not a regular movie watcher and I did not mind to know about the new releases and so I did not have any taste for any kind of movies but this was my state of mind when it came to movies till my friend took me to the theaters to watch the most fascinating movie “The Dark Knight” by Christopher Nolan.

After watching that movie I became a huge fan of Christopher Nolan and I felt that I should not miss any of his movies any more. I waited to watch his next movie “Inception” which had released with so much hype and to my surprise this movie had also lived up to its expectations and it even got rated in the top ten list of the internet movie database.

I enjoyed watching it in the theaters and also I was waiting for its DVD release so that I can have one for me and keep it in the DVD collection of my favorite movies. In recent times, I came to know that the movie ‘Inception on DVD’ is available in the DVD stores and also I ordered for it in the online DVD store using the link and I even got a free delivery of it that too in the next working day itself. And ‘buy DVD’s’ to present it as a gift to friends using the link.