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Lets Party! The 5 Best Nightclubs in the world


Starting with the decor to music, exclusive people, to the alcohol, the dens of this list are unmissable ?

A night dive not taste the same in any country in the world. Twelve hours or a full day of fun, music busting your ears, great dance moves, the women more beautiful to conquer, the heartthrobs funniest planet and an occasional drink of alcohol for your night full delicacy is made.

Those places where if you live there or ever visits, have to know, are listed as the best on the face of the Earth and there is evidence to secure.

If you are a creature of the night and walk in search of fun , these are the best options for you. Here the parties are not a few hours, no, days are integers. The world has its eyes on them, but if you want to book, carefully, are months that will have to wait.

1: Space . One of the most famous clubs in the world. It is said that the festival lasts and lasts and lasts for hours. Their celebrations are done outdoors with planes leaving its wake very close to you. The perfect destination for tourists from the White Island.

2: Hakkasan . Las Vegas is one of the most important tour operators in the world. Live domestic and foreign tourism and its reputation is well founded. This club is part of the legendary MGM Grand Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas is one of the places that most clubs have with fame around the globe ?

3: Green Valley . Located in the Balneario Camboriu in Brazil. It is distinguished by the great sound that has, special effects and set off a South American heat in which the Cariocas are experts. Nothing to ask the first world.

4: Zouk . Located no more or less in Singapore. He bears his name well deserved by Zouk party ?? meaning ?? in French Creole. Is the club of clubs who are forced to go when you’re in that country. The scenarios that are part of it are impressive.

5: BCM Dance Palace . Its headquarters is Mallorca, Spain. One of the biggest clubs across the island. It is known worldwide for having the largest foam party. To find out who is present in this place or if you want to attend need to book months.