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Variety of Shows for events and parties

with the right Entertainment company for parties and events you can expect the below Variety of Shows for events and parties

Comedy shows

Hiring agency comedy shows is a good choice to liven up your event and enjoy a high quality humor. A humor that will delight attendees of your event. We offer the opportunity to hire comedy shows of different types and with different protagonists.

musical shows

An event with music gains in quality and originality. Therefore, in the company shows offer the possibility of hiring high-quality musical performances and various music shows estilos. Agency as Night Sabinera, Hotel Cochambre, Shakin’all, Oh happy event, I love samba, Gospel train , Batucada, etc.

Dance shows

Hiring dance event provides the touch of originality and differentiate your event from others. You can enjoy shows of the most prestigious companies in the world who are succeeding wherever he van. Disponemos a wide range of dance performances of all kinds of styles: flamenco, cabaret, bollywood and many more.


They should have a wide portfolio of actors and qualified to interpret the most diverse roles in events of all kinds professional actresses. Have infiltrated actors among the audience, actors playing period characters, cartoonists, actors who may pose as photographers, reporters, false speakers, etc.