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Learning Music as part of Education


Learning has always been a hard and difficult process for both the teacher / a and student / a, but formerly not available the amount of materials and ideas that we possess today.

Before, education was based on the transmission of knowledge of natural and simple, and today, we own techniques and strategies that make such transmission is pleasant for the teacher / interesting ae for students, encouraging active participation and even learning itself and independently, so that the mere transmission of knowledge happens to currently be a satisfactory motivating learning process.

Still, not always the teaching-learning process is enjoyable and motivating, but sometimes students can come to see learning as “boring”, that force you to do. This may be due to little interest of the child / to obtain certain knowledge on the subject, by low teacher motivation / a at school during the teaching-learning, insufficient use of educational resources, as musical instruments, audio tapes, etc. …, by the monotonous character in the teaching of some teachers or family environment in which the student / a unfolds, a very important factor in life and in the progressive development of the child.

Gradually being introduced in classrooms most motivating resources that promote student learning, arousing their interest and thus offering a more meaningful learning increasingly connecting with their social reality and his personal life.

Music is an attractive resource that can favor learning because of the importance it has today in our lives, and therefore it is convenient to work it in all its dimensions, since not only be limited to musical study in itself, in its appropriate time, but it is also appropriate to favor an approach and enjoy the musical process, which can be globalized in other learning from different areas, that occur in the classroom.

Any educational theme can relate to music, on the knowledge of courses for children, where this resource is currently very present, we can find songs, both children and popular, audio stories, plays, etc. … related to different centers of interest christmas, autumn …

Through the organization corners in the classroom, we can discover the “Music Corner”, a designated area of ​​the classroom, where students can manipulate freeform musical instruments there are, as maracas, triangles, key … and other percussion instruments of his own age.