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Most famous Night clubs in US, UK, Europe & Asia


Below is the list of most famous Night clubs in US, UK, Europe & Asia,

Fabric . In the magnificent London in UK. It is one of the most experienced in their field. It opened in 1999 and continues to this day, one forced to visit if you are in Europe places. It is characterized because it is in an underground much like 90.

Cavo Paradiso . It’s in Mykonos, Greece. It overlooks Paradise Beach on this Greek island. Its facilities are outdoor which is a natural incentive if you want to see the beautiful surroundings with a touch of naturalness. The parties here have no name.

Club Space . If you want to party, spirit and fun that better than Miami in the United States and this club is ranked among the best in the country. It is epic for the dance halls that will make your eyes move with Cuban salsa. The festival lasts 24 hours.

Womb . If you travel to Tokyo, Japan, This is the best choice for you. Almost all nightclubs, outside the antrum can be misleading so simplistic façade, but the activity inside, are endless hours of dancing and music, of course, and party.

Trouw .In the heart of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, is located in an old printing house, a great example of that just need a great location, a large room, many people, the best DJs in the world and lights to start the party in Amsterdam.